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China is the world's largest coal production and consumption Country,and is also one of the few countries which regard coal as the main sources of energy ,the coal energy rates was very high among energy consumption structure rates in our country.Among them, most of the coal combustion for power generation and heating industry.For large coal-fired power station and boiler,Pulverized coal combustion is the main way of combustion.However, It's one of the most important factors which has restricted the sustainable development that the use of pulverized coal combustion efficiency is not high and the environmental pollution caused by burning of our country one of the most important factors.

Based on the coal combustion efficiency and low pollution comprehensive consideration," corona charged pulverized coal combustion mechanism and experiment research" is put forward.By means of high voltage electrostatic field on the solid particles and gas can produce electric charge effect,On one hand, the gas atoms or ions moving kinetic energy is very high,and when contact with the pulverized coal particles,it'll transferred part of energy to the coal particle surface, and lead to Particles in an unstable high-energy state , increased the particle surface activity; On the other hand, oxygen, carbon monoxide, corona methane gas ion, electron, has high energy, those make accelerate coal particle combustion reaction rate, reduce combustion reaction temperature become possible. However, in the actual production process of coal, coal is usually in a flow state. From theoretic analysis, the flow of pulverized coal combustion efficiency of pulverized coal is greater than under the static state, Therefore,the pulverized coal flow in charge of combustion enhancement is possible.

In this paper,on the basis of pulverized coal particles are charged successfully, through using of the original cyclone electrostatic charge system to build the pulverized coal flow injection charge combustion system. using a photographic record and analysis of its ignition and combustion state, using sampling thermal analysis method of burnout to exploring Charged pulverized coal flow combustion status.

Key words: corona discharge, the pulverized coal flow, combustion, thermal analysis





Today is 2009 A.D, I have always wanted to write a story about myself, but I don’t even know where to start. Perhaps there is just too much to say.

When time starts passing by us quicker than ever, when we are no longer young, looking up I suddenly remembered many things about the past.

Love, is the one thing live is nothing without. Everyone hope to have they kind of feeling, and it really only belongs to ourselves, maybe it was romantic, maybe it was sad, or maybe it was just plain……just like a fish is nothing without water.

人,离得开爱情吗? 失去后才珍惜,还有什么意义,还是有人不肯去忘记,忘不了那一段回忆。
People, can they really leave love behind? Only after it’s gone will people start cherishing it, then what meaning is there, or are there people unwilling to forget, forget that particular piece of memory.

At that moment, I start doubting myself, my life is like a movie, it kept playing and playing before me, the intangible feeling and inescapable trap, those messy strands of feeling, how do I sort out this sort of entanglement?

Love always shows everyone its true side before its departure, letting each person know the mistakes they made, and how to let go, how to make up, all the pieces of scars vaguely passing by…

The summer of 2002, many fond memories of student life. We are just like the other lovers, falling in love like in those cliché movies. She gave me a lot of help.

The one thing I look forward to the most is opening my eyes and seeing her. She has been my firsts, for a lot of things…her name was Yu Zhe!

The summer of 2004, a girls somehow fell in love with me. She was no beauty to the eye, but she was a kind hearted soul.

She was not impudent, but a very sedated person, she is a constant giver. If I were ever given the choice to choose someone to fall in love and marry, doubtlessly it would be her, her name was Ge Qing.

April 15th, 2006 Weather: Sunny. Today I met a girl that even till today, I’m still in lover with, that night I did not return home.

I don’t know how to describe her. She is a bit bad, yet a bit refreshing and pretty, a bit literate too. She likes to wakeup early in the morning and turn on the TV to watch百家讲坛(怎么翻译你自己看吧), she doesn’t like to put on shower lotion when she takes a shower, she likes to eat the stir fried bitter melon I made (it actually tastes really bad), she likes to fold clothes like those ones on display in stores, her name was Gu Xiao Mu.

February 14th, 2007 Weather: Heavy snow. The story always keeps on going in such dramatic ways, an online chatting room started my next relationship

But this was before I could put behind my feelings from my previous relationship, we actually shouldn’t have started this in the first place. But I did hurt her.

I never could admit the hurt I brought upon her, it was because I was selfish. She is a bit cute and a bit smart, and has had some experience before. I like the feeling of her lips on mine, I like her sneaking out at night just to see me, I like that adorable look she has when she is sitting in front of the computer focusing on the screen. She was the first girl I gave flowers to, her name was Zhao Feng Tong.

September, 2008 Weather: sunny. Life is always so unpredictable, you will never know what’s going to happen to you tomorrow, and just like that, she came into my life.

Her personality is quite masculine, she’s bold, generous, kind-hearted, hard-working, virtuous. Even making me the woman in some cases. She doesn’t know how to do anything, but we were still very happy.

I think she may have found the true meaning of life. I feel so steady when I’m with her. But to me, she is only fit to be a friend, not a lover. Her name was Yi Ping.

One of the most often heard sayings about friendship is that friendship in its purest form can only be found in childhood.

Such a sad and dreary thing to say, yet so many people agree to it, you can imagine the hardships and loneliness in life.

I don’t quite agree with this saying. The friendship in childhood were merely happy giggles and play, it is unreal for adults to relay on things formed through past memories.

The real meaning of friendship forms years later in adulthood, it can not reach it’s best when the meaning of it is still unclear.

Accutallly, many people find themselves quickly growing up after a sudden emotional change.

It’s like some day, afternoon or night, a good friend of yours is in trouble and you feel this undeniable responsibility, you slow your steps to think, and start to understand the weight of life.

就在这一刻,你突然长大。 印象中有几个一辈子的朋友足够了,至于其他人对我来说根本不是很重要。关于亲情,在我来说以前和现在都是一样的,从来没有改变过。
And at that moment you suddenly grew up. Looking back, only a few lifelong friends are needed, the others are of no importance to me. When it comes to family, it is the same to me as before, it never changed.
也是唯一能让我欣慰的情感。人生一世,亲情、友情、爱情三者缺一,已为遗憾;三者缺二,实为可怜;三者皆缺 ,活而如亡。
And this is the only sort of emotional comfort I can get. One life time, family friendship, love, even if you lack just one, you will surely regret, if you lack two, then it is pitiful, if you lack all three, then your life would equal death.